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Notary Public

Notario #34 Lic. Marco Antonio Meza Echevarria

notary 34
marcoantonio notary staffconference room

Contact Information

Owner/Manager:    Marco Antonio Meza Echevarria
Mexico Telephone: 327-27-43000 
Address: #30 Avenida Oceano Pacifico
Hours of Operation:   9 to 5 Monday through Friday

Licenciado Marco Antonio Meza Echevarria runs Public Notary #34..along with his dedicated crew of judicial lawyers,certified accountant and assistants will help you make the smooth transition between purchasing or selling your property in Mexico..but, a Notario in Mexico does much more than a Public Notary in the United States or Canada..and has extensive legal powers..

A Public Notary is a government-appointed lawyer who process and certifies all real estate transactions,including the drawing and review of all real estate closing documents,thus ensuring their proper transfer.

Furthermore, all powers of attorney, the formation of corporations,wills,official witnessing,etc. are handled and duly registered through the office of the Public Notary, who is responsible to the government for the collection of all taxes involved.

NOTE: A Notario typically does not litigate Civil or Penal will need to contact an “Abogado” or Lawyer.

A list of the more common transactions done in a Public Notary's Office are:

  • Property Deeds (Escrituras)
  • Capital Gains Consulting
  • Power of Attorney
  • Formulation of Corporations
  • Private Contracts
  • Property Fusions
  • Last Will and Testaments
  • Immigration FM'3
  • Divorce Settlements
  • PreNuptual Agreements